Buffalo Baptist Church is located approximately 5 miles from downtown Kershaw, SC. The church campus is located at the intersection of Jones Road (SC 157) and Lockhart Rd in Kershaw County.

Originally founded in 1871, the church has seen and experienced many changes over the years. Today, multiple generations gather to worship and serve our Lord each Sunday. Our worship services tend to be upbeat, yet reverent. Our pastor strives to deliver sermons that are relevant to the world of today, yet faithful to God's Holy Word, the Bible.

Buffalo Baptist Church is a Southern Baptist Church. As such, we are in voluntary affiliation and cooperation with the following:

Kershaw Baptist Association (www.kershawbaptistassociation.com/)

South Carolina Baptist Convention (www.scbaptist.org/)

Southern Baptist Convention (www.sbc.net/)

Perhaps you are looking for a church that feels like "home." If so, please prayerfully consider joining us as we worship our Savior Jesus Christ this coming Sunday morning!

Buffalo Baptist Church

6390 Lockhart Rd

Kershaw, SC 29067